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Top 5 Photography Tips for Parents

Top 5 Photography Tips for Parents Guest Post by Tanja Haller from T Haller Photography - ( 1. Short & Simple: Plan your photo session when you know your little one is happiest. Usually early in the day after being fed and rested. You want the main focus to be on him or her and a simple backdrop helps you achieve this. A light or neutral coloured wall works best to show off your little star. Keep the shoot short as they will loose interest quickly. You probably have about 15 - 30 minutes depending on your little one. 2. Get them to sit: They just learned to crawl or walk and are on the move. This makes it hard to get them into focus. Be creative when choosing your prop like a foot stool, upside down wooden bowl or a tree stump. Make sure to keep safety in mind. 3. Keep them entertained: You can let them play with their favourite toy or have a helper position their favourite toy above your camera. This will get your toddler to look at the camera. You can also give them a flower to inspect and play with or blow some bubbles. 4. Get down: You can achieve some great shots by meeting them at their eye level. Make sure to be ready at all times as they won’t stay long before moving again. Once again, it would be great to have a helper that could position your child and you can concentrate on taking the shot. 5. Get that smile: You know your little one best and you know what makes them smile! Maybe a song, a nursery rhyme or if they are older make them scream or tell them not to smile. They probably won’t be able to resist and you will be able to capture their cute little smile! Most importantly just have fun and enjoy the time spent together! About the author Tanja is an award winning photographer specializing in newborn, baby, fine art child portraits & family photography based in North Vancouver, BC.

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