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Babywearing: 5 Reasons You Should Wear Daily

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

For as long as there have been babies, we have carried them. Just recently has there been a shift to strollers and not “inconveniencing” the caregiver. Luckily things are starting to shift back with more and more research being conducted and caregivers who seem to be more interested in attached parenting. Here are 5 evidence based reasons to grab your carrier and cuddle that baby close.

#1- Less Crying

Babywearing for as little as just 3 hours a day can reduce your babies crying by up to 54%. The close contact also helps the caregiver become more responsive to the baby and thus further reducing crying. A walking caregiver can stimulate a calming response in the baby seen by central, motor and cardiac regulations. Touch is one of the best comforts for a baby who is trying to adjust to a world outside of the womb.

[Photo description: a tired new mom in a black dress babywearing a newborn in a stretchy Carrier at witching hour to soothe her to sleep]

#2 – Less reflux

Babies who are worn typically have fewer reflux symptoms. Less spitting up or vomiting up that precious milk, coughing or breathing problems. There is also evidence that shows the massage provided by movement while a baby is in the carrier increases gastric activity and therefore helps with food absorption and gut health.

#3 - Aids in babies’ development

Tactile stimulation leads to an increase in babies bone density and weight gain. Babywearing is a safe alternative to help reduce the risk of flat head. Since we already established that baby is also crying less, they spend more time in a state of quiet alertness. This allows them to learn and you guessed it, become smarter. There is also research showing wearing baby facing you (tummy to tummy) helps them with speech development.

#4- Increases breastfeeding rates

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The additional touch and regulation helps both baby and mama. Moms who wore their babies for as little as just 1 hour a day in the first month of life had significantly higher breastfeeding rates at three and five months. They also spend way less time sterilizing bottles.

#5 – The caregiver benefits too

Not only does babywearing promote secure baby attachment and bonding, but it helps with postpartum depression. The warmth and touch encourages wellbeing in both caregiver and baby by increasing oxytocin levels.

Need I add it also takes less energy than in arm carrying (16% less in fact)

Need help with babywearing? Feel free to contact me here or via social media.

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