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Carrying fun for the little ones

What mummy and daddy can do - the little ones want to do too. With this carrier they can finally go for a walk with their favourite doll, teddy bear or other cuddly animal. Made with the same high quality manduca material: 100% organic cotton. Great for walks and longer trips with children who are inseparable from their little companions.

manduca® Doll Carrier

  • • Made for your little one to carry their cuddly toys & dolls
    • Works both in front tummy to tummy and outward as well as on their back
    • Clever inside seat: the doll is placed in two carrying loops
    • Encourages self-dependency! Suitable for cuddly toys, fabric dolls or silicone dolls
    • Ergonomic design: slightly curved shoulder straps that don't slip off the shoulders
    • Buckles are easy to open for a small children's hand
    • With an attached pocket for smaller toys/accessories
    • Including a small loop for hanging it on a rack
    • Ideal gift for birthday or Christmas, birth of a smaller sibling or for entry into nursery/kindergarten
    •Ideal for toddlers from 18 months, up until the first years of elementary school

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