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Make a skein or un-wind a skein, with our appealing wooden yarn swift! With a super-smooth finish for quick and snag-free rotation, this swift enables you to wind a skein (or unwind) it into a yarn cake in no time. Designed beautifully in natural and colored birch wood, its sure to provide an charismatic look.


  • Made with a combination of colourful laminated birch wood and natural birch wood
  • An essential tool for Knitters & Crocheters
  • Fulfills dual purpose of Swift and Skein Winding
  • Super smooth finish & quick rotation
  • Dimensions:
  • Diameter:48cm (19")
  • Height:71cm (28")
  • Circumference:152cm (60")
  • Clamp opening:4cm (1.5")


Assembly and Operating Instructions

Knitters Pride Signature Swift / Skein Winder

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