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A handcrafted wooden ball winder that can wind up to 450g of fingering weight yarn (15 oozes). Built in anti-friction mechanisms ensure free rotation and a smoothly wound ball of yarn.

Anti-skid rubber pads prevent the winder from scratching and sliding the table surface. The ball winder is available in two variations in wood, with separate replacement bands. Made with oh so natural beech wood.


Never struggle with yarn again thanks to this beautiful handcrafted Mega Wool Winder from Knitter's Pride's Signature Series!

  • Beautifully handcrafted to perfection
  • Made with a combination of colourful laminated birch wood
  • Wounds up to 450 grams of fingering weight yarn at a time
  • The anti-friction bearing on the spool side allows for effortless rotation
  • The bearing allows yarn to be wound up smoothly
  • Anti-skid rubber pads prevents the winder from sliding and scratching the table
  • Replacement bands are sold separately.For best results, use with Knitter's Pride Swift!

Knitters Pride Signature Mega Wool Ball Winder (Winds Up To 450g Of Yarn At Once

Expected arrival by end of March
  • On pre-order Expected back in January

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