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Thoughtfully packaged crochet set

- complete in all respects

• Made from premium quality denim

and beige finish material - the

most usable needle case

incorporates a pattern holder

• Includes crochet hooks in 12 sizes

to cover all yarn weights

• Four cords in a variety of lengths

for all type of projects

• One set of cord connectors to

prepare bigger cord lengths

• Matching Pen to mark your pattern


• Designed by people who know and

understand the beautiful art of

Tunisian Crochet

• Hand crafted by skilled artisans

• Smooth wood surface insures

effortless yarn glide, works with

every type of material

• Easy to connect cord with smooth

join means easy stitch flow, no


• Resilient, flexible cord lays flat,

with no kink or twist, easy to store

• Lightweight, strong wood

• Warm to the touch, gentle in the

hand and ideal for everyone

• The crocheters favorite tool .

Designed by experts for crochet


Knitters Pride Ginger Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set

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