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100 Hours Outside  Challenge

Get up, get out, make connections! December 21-March 20th 2023

Sign up below.

*Due to weather you can start your 100 days anytime by Dec 28th

join as easy as 1-2-3

Tracking sheets available to pick up at:

The Craft Pod - free craft and seed library 24th Street at Jones Ave

Fibre Seed Cabinet 

Little Library 2114 Kirkstone Pl

Little Library Wyat Pl

More locations coming soon. Can you host some sheets? let us know

Thank you to our volunteer team and the City of North Vancouver for making this project possible

Prizes generously donated by:

Would you like to be on this list? Email us at or message Ponnie in the Facebook group

List will be updated regularly

View Optometry 

Kahlena Movement Studio

Bad Dog Bread

Monika's Art Boutique-Studio & Gallery

JOY Hair Salon

Larry's Market

Little Kitchen Academy



Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

Jill and Joey

Ponnie Matin Studios

READ ALL THE INFO HERE 100 Hours Outside Challenge The cold weather is upon us and getting outside seems to be getting harder. That along with long work days for caregivers and over-scheduled kids leave many families with little play and exploration time outside. We want to help you with that. Join our challenge and go outside for 100 hours over winter. Get outside for connection. Connection with family, friends, neighbors and nature. What’s my incentive ? Prizes!! And also: It has been proven that outdoor play fosters children's intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. You the Caregivers will also benefit from the mood enhancing effect of being outdoors which in turn will help you be your best selves for your little people. And did we say prizes!! Also you can meet super cool people at challenge meetups. Did you say prizes? Yes! We are aiming for weekly, monthly and of course a few grand prizes at the end! (Have a business? Want to contribute a prize? email or message Ponnie in our facebook group Ok tell me more! Accept the challenge and decide what category works best for your family. You choose the criteria your family unit needs to meet to count an hour outside. (Eg: For our family 1 hour outside will be counted if both kids are outside with any of their big people.) Track it with our coloring sheets and have fun!! (You can also download free apps such as Timelogger to help keep track of time outside to color in later) What are the categories? You can decide if you want to join one or both challenges. Just grab the tracking sheet/s that suits your challenge/s. (Let the kids help by giving them a tracking sheet too, my kid accumulated 100 hrs just yesterday on her own sheet 😂) 1) 100 Hours Outside - Get up and out the door for 100 hours between December 21 and March 20th. This is accumulative over winter. Multiple hours could be spent and counted outside in one day. This is the easier challenge, great for families who may be struggling with building a routine. 2) 1 Hour a Day- get up and out for 1 hour everyday. That’s 90 days in a row. Get 10 extra hours along the way to make it 100! Is there a Cost? Nope, it's Free! Sign me up! See above for links. 1)Head over and register officially. This process takes 30 second and helps us canvas for prizes and future grants 2) Join our facebook group "North Shore Families Meetup" all prizes and meetups will be posted there. 3. Choose which challenge you will partake in. Yes, you can totally do both. Once you decide, print out the coloring sheets or pick up from one of our pickup locations. When: All winter long! We officially start December 20th until March 21st If you are late to get going, that’s ok. You can still participate in both categories but will not qualify for the grand prize of 1 hour a day. Can I share this? Yes please do! Let your friends and every other person you know and those you don't know know. Post on Facebook groups. Email. Send a messenger pigeon. The more the merrier 👯‍♀️👯👯‍♂️

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