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This amazing book is filled with step-by-step photos and instructions to create stitch square blocks with beautiful graphic designs! The basic differences between regular Tunisian and Tunisian in the Round (TITR) are that the stitches are picked up on the forward pass and worked off on the return pass differently.

  • Regular Tunisian crochet uses 1 hook, 1 ball of yarn and the work is never turned. TITR uses 2 connected hooks, 2 ball of yarn and the work is turned.
  • Regular Tunisian the forward and return pass are worked on the right side facing and TITR the forward pass is worked on the right side and the return pass on the wrong side.

The book includes an 11-Step Photo Tutorial for Tunisian in the Round, and sections that explain how to read stitch charts for TITR Plus a section outlining tools, Tunisian Stitches, and Techniques for Tunisian in the Round. 15 different stitch blocks have the same number of rounds used so blankets can be easily made larger or smaller by altering the number of blocks.

Learn Tunisian Crochet in the Round: Learn To Stitch Square Blocks with Beautifu

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