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Babywearing Lending library

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Babywearing is such a wonderful resource for caregivers.The list of benefits to both baby and caregiver is vast. We are sure you probably know that and that's why you are here. Our lending library is used mainly by caregivers who wish to try out different carriers to see which feels best for their needs before purchasing. Others choose to live minimally and borrow carriers as they need. Our library lends carriers for 1-2 week periods and you can borrow as many times as you like throughout the year. To join please fill out the form currently found here.

There is a $25/year membership to join (please contact us if you require sliding scale) Payments can be made to please add note: Lending library for (your name) 

A deposit is required via cheque or credit card authorization form. No charge will be applied unless carriers are damaged, extremely dirty or not returned.

Pick up/drop offs can be arranged per basis or on library day. Please message us if you have specific requests.

We are always looking for new and gently used carriers to add to our library or donate to those in need. Thank you for thinking of us when you are ready to pass on your carrier. We guarantee it will continue to be well loved.

Current carriers include:

*I have used Amazon links to many of the carriers below for you to be able to see all the carriers specs. I do not recommend buying carriers from unknown sellers via Amazon or other websites. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

We have over 100 carriers (this list will be updated soon)

Soft Structure Carrier

Manduca XT

Marsupi Classic 

Baby Björn One 

Tula standard black 

Tula standard robots 

Tula Explore

Tula Toddler rainbow


Kinderpack infant-standard farm 




Ergo Omni 360 Cool Mesh 

Ergo Standard 

Boba Air


True North 

Neobulle 100% cotton 

Maya wrap padded shoulder 100% cotton 

Chimparoo with pocket navy size s

Green/blue size 1


Woven wrap 

Lenny lamb 4.6m blue hearts 



Stretchy Wraps

Baluga Baby 


L- gray 


S-gray mesh 

S- Blue 

Boppy comfyfit 

Jj Cole agility size s 

Meh Dai

Lenny Lamb wrap straps



Manduca Twist

Ergo Embrace 


Lenny Lamb




Framed Packs 






Babywearing covers

Ergo infant insert 

Current Library Wishlist 

We are seeking these carriers for the library or friends of the library. Please let us know if you can help.

Boba Bliss

Ergo Aerloom

Baby Bjorn Harmony 

Baby Bjorn Mini 

Boba X

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